Healthy Eating Policy

We at Ballyshannon National School encourage parents to give small, nourishing lunches to their children.

We all know what healthy food is and we ask parents to give their children a lunch that will endeavour to promote healthy teeth and bones, and a calm, well nourished body and mind.

That means, no fizzy, isotonic or sports energy drinks. Why pay for anything else than what is best for your children?

No chocolate, chocolate bars, biscuits, biscuit bars, lollies, sweets or crisps. No cereal bars with sweets embedded in them, the coating is coloured.

The recommended lunch consists of:

· Any and all bread types and crackers with any and all spreads.

· All cold meats/fish/cheese.

· All types of fruit.

· All types of yoghurts.

· All types of Actimel drinks.

· All salads

· All pastas

· Popcorn.